Transport by road is one of our business areas. We use trucks – one of the most common form of land transport. The major advantage of the road transport is that it can be tailored to the customer. Owing to our long-standing experience and expertise, we are able to provide the road transport at the highest level.

Our offer includes:

  • Domestic transport by road

  • International transport by road

  • ADR transport of hazardous goods

It you’re wondering which form of transport is suitable for your company – call us and we will find the best road transport solution for you.
Phone: +48 58 351 41 59

Why choose transport by road?

RRAS Forwarding cooperates with carriers owning the latest vehicle fleet which meets the most stringent standards. As our business partners use all types of semi-trailers, we are able to tailor the offer to your needs. Our reliable drivers will deliver your cargo in a safe and timely manner and in a controlled temperature environment.

As a flexible company, we will adjust our transport offer to the requirements and expectations of our customer. Depending on the cargo volume and type, we may offer different types of road transport such as full truck load, part truck load or less-than truck transport. Our specialists provide assistance should you may need advice on the right choice. Contact us and we will prepare a comprehensive offer for import and export with the use of national and international route network covering all continents.

ADR International carriage of hazardous materials

With the development of manufacturing, freight transport demand has also grown, including the demand for dangerous goods. Consequently, a list of hazardous goods has been created along with the regulations on the transport and requirements that drivers must meet. It serves to reduce the risk of a road collision.

Owing to our extensive expertise, we may offer you comprehensive support and advice regarding the road transport of ADR hazardous materials. We will handle all the paperwork, arrange appropriate transport labelling and ensure that the cargo entrusted to us, reaches its destination safely.

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transport drogowy

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