Transport by sea – the whole world within your reach

Sea transport is one of our specializations. We believe that the business development should not be hampered by the number of kilometers, continents or logistic hurdles. The company expansion to foreign markets is paramount for the company development, and knowing the field, we are aware of all the formalities involving the sea transport.

RRAS Forwarding provides the comprehensive sea transport service. Our goal is to deliver your cargo to any part of the globe. Sky is our limit and your company’s best interest is our priority.

Are you wondering what transport type is the best for your company? Call us and we’ll find you the best sea transport option.
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RRAS sea transport – why choose us?

  • We have many years of experience in sea transport organization. We cooperate with the best and the biggest ship owners. We make all effort for each transport stage to run smoothly. We make sure everything is buttoned up to avoid delays or errors.

  • We are flexible in our activities and it is exactly why you will find no cost information about the sea transport at our website. It is an individual matter dependent on many factors. We are not afraid of challenges and will gladly organize the sea transport regardless of the location.

  • Your trust is of key importance to us. It is for that reason that we cooperate with the best companies and ship owners. This gives us confidence that the goods in transit will be delivered to the target place  safely and in a perfect condition.


As part of our offer we propose the container transport. It is an option directed not only at big enterprises but also small importers and exporters. Sea container transport may be carried out in one of two freight types. We may propose the following cargo types:

  • FCL
  • LCL

What are the characteristics of these two cargo types? Full Container Load (more widely known by its abbreviated name – FCL) is used in relations to the full container sea transport. This type of forwarding assumes usage of the full container space by one shipper. LCL is an alternative for FCL i.e. Less than Container Load . This cargo type is usually chosen for so called groupage transport. It’s a perfect transport form of various type. Cargo type should be the deciding factor in making the decision. LCL sea transport is also ideal at the initial stage of cooperation with contractors. The customers takes lesser financial risk and may opt for full container transport when the ordered goods meet their expectations. LCL is also a great idea for small and medium businesses. Ordering only part of the container minimalizes the financial risk.

transport morski gdynia
transport kontenerów morskich
spedycja morska Gdynia

transport morski

transport morski gdynia

transport kontenerowy

transport kontenerów morskich

spedycja morska

spedycja morska Gdynia